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Ways to Make Exercising Safer for Our Elderlies

ways-to-make-exercising-safer-for-our-elderliesWe all need regular exercise to stay healthy. But this is especially true for our senior loved ones as they are at a higher risk for developing various health conditions at their age.

But exercising isn’t exactly what we would call ‘fun’ or ‘easy’ in general, so it’s understandable if our seniors would need encouragement. They may also be discouraged by their age and the possibility of incurring injuries while exercising.

That is why as a home health agency in Woodbridge, VA, we at Southern Made Home Care LLC are listing down ways you can help your senior loved one exercise safely:

  • Secure a medical clearance
    As a home care agency in Virginia ourselves, we say getting a medical clearance must be among the first things you should secure when helping your senior get into exercising. This ensures that engaging in physically strenuous activities will benefit and not harm them.
  • Remind them to listen to their body
    There is only so much you can do when helping your senior loved one exercise. While being physically present to assist them when they get imbalanced is helpful, they must know their limits themselves so remind them to listen to their body.
  • Ensure they do warm-ups
    Warm-ups prepare and protect your senior loved one’s body for the demands of their chosen physical activity so it’s important to make sure they do not skip this step.
  • Make sure they are hydrated
    Dehydration causes weakness and headache so make sure they are hydrated to avoid fall incidents.

We hope these tips have helped you become more confident in assisting your loved one with exercise. For more like this and other discussions about our home care services in Virginia Beach, be sure to check back.

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