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Managing Diabetes Through Exercise

managing-diabetes-through-exerciseSeniors who have diabetes may find it hard to manage their condition due to age and natural wear and tear of joints and muscles. But improving their health while managing chronic conditions such as diabetes is very important.

Research shows that exercising makes changes in the body when it comes to glucose levels. Physical activity has the potential to increase or decrease blood sugar levels and it can also help improve the body’s ability to produce insulin, thus, increasing insulin sensitivity. Exercise, then, must be part of seniors’ daily personal care. Hence, our home care agency in Virginia includes assistance to exercise as one of its many services offered.

It is likewise important to monitor your blood sugar levels every 15 minutes throughout your workout to help you manage and treat it if it becomes low. There are times that low blood sugar will occur if you skip meals or exercise for too long. This is why assistance to seniors, while they do some form of physical activity, is always advised. Our home health agency in Woodbridge, VA can help them monitor their condition while they exercise in order to prevent untoward effects, bodily reactions, and injury.

The best exercises that can help seniors manage their diabetes include:

  • Walking or cycling
  • Swimming
  • Chair yoga
  • Posture exercises
  • Dancing

These are only some of the few exercises seniors can follow. If you want to know more about other safe and recommended physical activities and exercise programs for diabetes management, be sure to consult a professional.

Seniors must not stop moving their bodies. Reap exercise’s benefits by starting today. For assistance, call our home care services in Virginia Beach. We, at Southern Made Home Care LLC, will be ready to help!

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